Waste collection reverse vending machine - T90

T-90 is specially developed for stores requiring a fast and intuitive reverse vending machine, with high storage capacity built in. TOMRA’s all-in-one InPac machines are the ideal solution for stores needing a space-efficient reverse vending machine. Featuring TOMRA Flow Technology™, the T-90 recognizes containers instantly without rotation, increasing return speed and enabling the possibility to accept all types of container shapes.

The modern design of the T-90 utilizes fewer components that cover multiple functions, allowing for easier maintenance and daily operation. The intuitive on-screen guidance system also makes the recycling experience even faster and more efficient. Further, the T-90 features new can compactor technology, increasing the compaction ratio by up to 40% compared to other models.

The machine can be configured to handle non-refillable glass, PET or cans (or a combination).

Available versions include front or rear unloading, freestanding or through-wall installations. It can be completed with a SoftDrop bin for refillable containers, and various customization options are also possible.

Key Features


  • Intuitive symbols and touch display
  • Easy to operate from with bin status sensors and light panels
  • Designed for easy customization


  • New compactor technology increases storage capacity significantly
  • Few and multifunctional components for easy maintenance
  • Rotation free recognition allows for speedy recycling


  • Available in four configurations with extension possibility
  • Bin level indicators allows you to plan you emptying
  • Can be completed with a Softdrop for refillable containers



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