TOMRA’s latest container recognition technology, TOMRA Flow Technology™, solves traditional challenges in completely new ways. It enables unique machine capabilities and at the same time offers the state-of-the-art security and accuracy.

Featuring the world’s first 360-degree instant recognition system in an RVM, TOMRA Flow Technology ™ raises the bar.

As all barcodes and security marks are instantly detected, there is no need for time-consuming rotation stops and this allows for containers to be inserted in a continuous rapid flow. With this unique technology, TOMRA redefines the industry standard, again.

TOMRA Flow Technology™


  • Smart design and intuitive interfaces reduce the need for cleaning and at the same time make the machine easier to clean


  • Groundbreaking recognition technology instantly detects barcodes and security marks
  • Users can insert containers rapidly in a continuous flow, increasing convenience and peak-hour capacity


  • TOMRA Flow Technology™ handles containers other technologies can’t
  • This opens new possibilities for what can be collected — even new material fractions in future recycling schemes